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I am currently working as an Information Analyst at Hampshire County Council. Before that, I was a Resource Officer in the NHS, helping to run the health promotion library. I have worked as a private maths and computer tutor in the past, but no longer do so. I have also worked for DERA (now Qinetiq), CORDA (aka BAESema) in Esher and New Malden, BTS in South Croydon and Scicon (later SD, then EDS) in Farnborough. I have a BSc in Psychology from the Open University and an MA in Mathematics from the University of Oxford. I was brought up in Sutton, Surrey, and have lived in Farnborough, South Croydon and Fleet. I had a partner of 20 years, David Cooke, who is sadly now dead.

Contact me

If you are fairly sure that you are trying to contact the right Helen, but do not have a current email address for me, please click on this one:


to send me an email. When you click on the link, your email program should open, if you have one and it is correctly configured. The subject of the email should be "Wanting to contact Helen". My spam filter is set to recognise this subject, and may delete any messages with a different subject.

When we have made contact, I will give you another email address that hasn't been found by the spammers, and then you can put anything you like as a subject of the email.

Alternatively, you can contact me through Facebook. Here is the link to my profile: Facebook profile.